City Attractions

Conference Dates: June 19-20, 2019

Venue: Venice, Italy

About City

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of Veneto region. It is situated across a group 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by 400 bridges. Parts of Venice are renowned for the beauty of their settings their architecture, and artwork. With the elimination of pirates along the Dalmatian coast, the city became a flourishing trade center between Western Europe and the rest of the world with a naval power protecting sea routes from piracy. The city is often threatened by flood tides pushing in form the Adriatic between autumn and early spring.

Venice has a Humid Subtropical Climate with cool winters and very warm summers. The Legislative body of the municipality is the city Council, which is composed of 45 councilors elected every five years with a proportional system, contextually to the mayoral elections. Venice economy has changed throughout history. It economy is main based on tourism shipbuilding, services, trade and industrial exports. Venice is an important tourist destination for its celebrated art and architecture.  The city gets up to 60,000 tourists per day. Venice is built on an archipelago of 118 islands formed by 177 canals in a shallow lagoon connected by 409 bridges. Venice is a major international centre for higher education. Venice has long been a source of inspiration for authors, playwrights and poets and at the forefront of the technological development of printing and publishing.  Venice has been the setting or chosen location of numerous films, games, works of fine art and literature, music videos, television shows and other cultural references. The Carnival of Venice is held annually in the city, it lasts for around two weeks and ends on Shrove Tuesday. Cuisine is characterized by seafood but also includes garden products from the islands of the lagoon, rice from the mainland, game and polenta.

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